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Green is the new black

Like you, we’ve seen something of the world, and we appreciate its cosmopolitan comforts. But we’re also dedicated to preserving its natural bounties. This means that we think global and act local.

We are devoted recyclers and our utlimate goal is to become carbon neutral: 

  • We don’t use any pre-packaged bottled water. All water served in the bar and restaurant is from our on-site Natura water filtration system. The Natura system uses refillable glass bottles, as well as high-grade carbon filters and innovative UV technology to eliminate impurities and bacteria. Only the bottles in the mini bar are pre-packaged. Bring your own bottle and we will fill it for you with our filtered water.
  • Our 2009 renovation included many steps to reduce the power demand of the hotel’s climate control system, including new, high-efficiency furnaces, state-of-the-art central air conditioning units, and Low-E double paned windows with insulating argon gas.
  • All of our linens are made from 100 percent organic cotton by Coyuchi.
  • Our Malin & Goetz soap, shampoo and toiletries are dispensed from refillable containers to minimize excess packaging.
  • Most of the paints used in the renovation are water-based.
  • We encourage the use of green forms of transport, including our collection of Kronan bicycles available to guests, free of charge.
  • All common areas and renovated rooms feature low-flush toilets, minimizing water usage.
  • Our restaurant uses carry-out containers made from recycled materials.
  • We source our electricity from eco-friendly power providers.
  • We offer guests the option of foregoing new sheets and towels every day, thereby consuming less power, detergent, and water.
  • The like to use organic produce in our restarant, which keeps toxins out of the soil. We also prioritize the use of local ingredients, meaning less fuel is consumed in the transport of food to our kitchen.
  • We are committed recyclers, offering staff and visitors the opportunity to sort their plastic, glass, metal and paper refuse. We operate in accordance with the “reduce, reuse, recycle” principle.
  • The kitchen and housekeeping staff use organic cleaning products whenever possible.
  • Our housekeeping limits the use of bleach/chlorine whenever possible to minimize the harm being done to the delicate ocean eco system.
  • All furniture removed during the renovation of c/o The Maidstone was donated to local charities: Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, The Retreat (serving victims of domestic abuse), The Ladies Village Improvement Society of East Hampton and Southampton Fresh Air Home (a camp for physically challenged children).