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We have 19 individually designed Hotel Rooms

Check out each of our 16 rooms and 3 cottages, each dedicated and inspired by a Scandinavian celebrity. Choose by design or personality and play the part. The list below is organized from our largest cottage down to our coziest room.


Want to know which floor the rooms are situated on? Click your way through the rooms listed below and read the fact box on the right. As there's no elevator to take you to the second and third floor that information might come in handy if you travel with heavy luggage or a wheel chair.

Thor Heyerdahl

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A big, bright room with an adventurous touch, including a free-standing tub vis-à-vis the king bed. The Norwegian adventurer and scientist Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki expedition encouraged the design of this room. 


Attention light sleepers, this room is exposed to the sound of happy diners in The Living Room Restaurant.

Heyerdahl became notable for his Kon-Tiki expedition, in which he sailed 4 300 miles by raft from South America to the southern Pacific to prove a scientific point. 


In 1936, convinced that what civilization considered progress was no such thing since it took mankind further away from nature, Heyerdahl was determined to try to live as ancient man had done. Whilst studying the indigenous people, he heard the Incan tale of Con-Tici and hypothesized that the first settlers of Polynesia were of South American origin, not Asian.


So Heyerdahl constructed a 60 ft-long primitive wooden raft with sails, based on ancient pictures of Indian oceangoing vessels. After drifting across the Pacific for 101 days, it ended up in Polynesia, just as Heyerdahl had predicted. 


The adventure caught the world’s imagination, and Heyerdahl found himself a cause célèbre. 

Room type Magnificent
Room size 250 ft²/23 m²
Floor 2nd
View Landmark building
Hästens® bed Twin or king
Extra bed No
Desk Yes
Fireplace No
Safe Yes
Shower/tub Both
Toiletries Malin + Goetz
Bathrobes Yes
Clogs Bespoke
Room Service Always
Minibar Yes
Coffee French press
Tea Our own
Aromatherapy Yes
Plants Yes
Pets No
WiFi Of course
AC Yes
TV 32"
DVD player Yes
Speaker Stellé
Noise buster Sound+Sleep
Ironing gear Yes
Photo Art
Thor Jonsson