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Spring Fever Stay

Spring in the Hamptons! Explore the awakening East End and spring ahead! Hop on one of our bikes and explore the surroundings and the quaint town. 

Find a cozy spot for a picnic for two and go on beach excursions. Spend the afternoon in the Cozy Lounge, or outside in the lush garden playing games, sipping rose and indulge in something sweet.


BOOK Minimum of 2 nights – we guarantee one is not enough :)
WHAT Stay in Hotel Room or Cottage, Continental Breakfast, Complimentary picnic for two & Dining Voucher for 20% off at the Living Room Restaurant*.


Available March – June 2017, not valid holidays.


* Please present dinner voucher to your server, voucher excludes tax, gratitude & alcohol

** Standard cancelation policies apply

*** Picnic menu will be emailed ahead of time so guests can pick the day for their picnic lunch