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Photo art

At c/o Hotels we are huge fans of photography. We let the walls come to life with contemporary photo art by artists from all over the globe. c/o The Maidstone is no exception. All the colorful walls at the hotel are filled with art.

Hotel guests have the exculsivity of admiring more fabulous art in the privacy of their hotel room. By the likes of Sam Samore, Felix Oppenheim, Spessi, Sebastiaan Bremer, Sam Taylor Wood, Hiroshi Sugimoto or Sebastian Söderström.  


If you take a liking to a very particular piece, you may get to take it home. Some of our art is for sale.


Read more about the photographers represented in our permanent collection and about our exhibits by choosing in the left menu.

“If you don’t know Patrick McMullan, you ought to get out more!”

- Andy Warhol