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Josefin Hardinger, 2014

Now we're selling the beautiful and interesting work by Swedish artist Josefin Hardinger! Frames are included in price when you buy them directly at the hotel. If you can't come by to pick up your piece we can also arrange shipping. 

Josefin Hardinger was born in the northern town of Luleå in Sweden in 1992. When she was 10 years old she asked Santa for a digital camera and her wishes came true. And that’s where her journey as a photoprapher started. Her art is a lot about the post-production and she spends hours on editing her photos. She creates surreal images that makes the observer to look twice. 


“There is this notion that a photograph always depicts the reality. I have often gotten questions about images, that I feel are obvious distortions, like: “Does she really look like that? Is it a real person?” It seems really hard for people to mentally accept that photos are not always the reality. I want to make photos that raise questions. I do not have answers to these questions but I want people to stop and think for a while.“ 


Call us at +1 631.324.5006 or send us an e-mail at for more info and buying.