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Jenny Ljungberg's private collection

The 2015 photo art exhibit featured art from the private collection of Proud Owner and Creative Director Jenny Ljungberg. The exhibit, curated Ljungberg, is on display in the hotel’s main areas, including The Living Room Restaurant.


“It’s a pleasure to bring art from my private collection into the gathering places in our hotel,” said Ljungberg. “I have collected these pieces throughout my career and what had previously been confined to my own home and some of our hotel rooms, can now be fully enjoyed by the public.”


Jenny Ljungberg oversees all aspects of her c/o lifestyle brand. Scandinavian Cozy is a term she coined to describe c/o The Maidstone’s welcoming blend of American ease and sophisticated Scandinavian sensibility. Her hotel offers a comforting mix of environmentally friendly spaces, hi-tech amenities, and Old World charm.


Jenny spends the majority of her time acting as Creative Director of her lifestyle hotel, c/o The Maidstone in the East Hampton, NY. Jenny resides in New York City and splits her time between Stockholm, the Hamptons and Los Angeles and is constantly on the lookout for c/o Hotels’ next venture.

The collection includes

Sam Taylor-Johnson - Two Lions

Bruno Ehrs - King & Swan

Hiroshi Sugimoto - Buddhas

Robert Wilson  - Salma Hayek

Edward Steichen - Merle Oberon

Burt Glinn - Elizabeth Taylor

Burt Glinn - I'm an Artist

Nat Finkelstein - Dylan & Warhol

Frank Horvat  - Rome Collection

Spessi - Bensin

Anders Boqvist - Mafioso

Jacob Fellander - Awakening

Jacob Fellander - SoHo

Sam Samore - Allegories of Beauty

Xavier Martin - Serge

Slim Arons - Penthouse Pool

Phaedra Brody - Malaparte

Phaedra Brody - Woman

David Lynch - Untitled (Face)/

David Lynch - Torso #7/ The Exit

Jonathan Lewis - Chocolate Lime

Richard Misrach  - On the Beach

Ron Jude - Near the 45th Parallel

Mark Steinmetz - Venice, Ca

James Welling - 0194, 2006

Jeff Brouws - Eat, Highway 395

Noah Sheldon     - North, 2008

Frank Majore - Floral Close-ups