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Josefin Hardinger

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Josefin Hardinger was born in the northern town of Luleå in Sweden in 1992. When she was 10 years old she asked Santa for a digital camera and her wishes came true. And that’s where her journey as a photoprapher started. Her art is a lot about the post-production and she spends hours on editing her photos. She creates surreal images that makes the observer to look twice. 

Gender is a manipulated self-portrait. The chest hair and the beard are obviously not real. It is about questioning gender stereotypes; the gender of the person in the photo is unclear. Is it a bearded woman? Is it a feminine man or is it a masculine woman? It does not matter. It is a person. The photo is an inspiration for people to be and act the way the want to, no matter how they define their gender.


“There is this notion that a photograph always depicts the reality. I have often gotten questions about images, that I feel are obvious distortions, like: “Does she really look like that? Is it a real person?” It seems really hard for people to accept that photos are not always the reality. I want to make photos that raise questions. I do not have the answers, I just want people to stop and think for a while.”

Josefin Hardinger
Born 1992
Nationality Swedish
Studio Gothenburg
Favourite motive Her friends
Speciality Distortion