Here at the Maidstone we consider ourselves to be more House than Hotel.

Having completed a recent renovation in May of 2017 with a fresh perspective, our renowned photo art collection, and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, the hotel welcomes chic out-of-towners and locals alike. The new hotel design features an updated, whimsical take on the traditional Americana and Hamptons aesthetics that are reflected in the shared spaces throughout, including the pink sun room, art bar and new take on a classic lounge. The hotel has 19 individually designed rooms and cottages.




More than 150 years old, the Greek Revival at 207 Main Street has served many owners, each in a unique way suited to the era.

Constructed just before the Civil War by the Osborne family, the current structure has foundations dating from the 17th century. For much of the 19th century, the building was used as a tannery, and first took in overnight guests while their saddles were being repaired.

In the mid-1920s, the home began service as a full-time inn and became known as The Maidstone Arms. Newspaper columns in the ensuing decades announced the seasonal residency of a rotating roster of socialites, and the inn became a fashionable destination as East Hampton grew into a world-famous summer colony.

In 2008 the inn was purchased by Swedish hotelier Jenny Baker, and now welcomes discerning travelers at The Maidstone.




We are for creating history
We are for taking a stand
We are for dogs
We are for taking the time to smell the flowers
We are for ethnical diversity
We are for kids who eat grown up food
We are for taking care of old houses
We are for recycling
We are for locally sourced and sustainable food
We are for doing business fair & Fair Trade
We are for singing the national anthem
We are for giving blood
We are for being role models
We are for champagne, tiaras and meditation




Jenny Baker (Formerly Ljungberg)

As Creative Director & Proud Owner of The Maidstone, Jenny Baker both created and oversees all aspects of the hotel. Scandinavian Cozy is a term she coined to describe the hotels’ welcoming blend of American ease and sophisticated Scandinavian sensibility that embodies quirkiness, personality and professionalism. Her hotel offers a comforting mix of environmentally friendly spaces, modern design mixed with Old World Charm, photo art and local sourced and sustainable restaurants where dogs and kids are as welcome as lovers and exes. 

Jenny is a third generation entrepreneur whose Swedish family founded the real estate company Atrium Ljungberg (formerly LjungbergGruppen). In 1997, Jenny and her father started purchasing historic Swedish properties such as the Grythyttan Inn, established in 1640 and Häringe Palace, dating back to 1657, which led Jenny to create a modern lifestyle brand as well as a hotel group. During her tenure in Sweden, the hotel group (originally called Tage Hotels, to honor Jenny's grandfather who started the Ljungberg family legacy), grew from one conference hotel to six hotels including Stockholm´s celebrated design hotel the Lydmar Hotel. Jenny was responsible for branding and marketing but also introduced educational policies and career counseling for all staff. Jenny played a key role in introducing the Slow Food movement to the Scandinavian hospitality industry.

Born in Sweden in 1974, Jenny moved to the United States with her family at the age of 13. After receiving her primary education in New York, Jenny graduated from high school in Brussels, received a Bachelor’s degree from Tufts University and earned her MBA from Columbia University. She started her hotel career as an intern at the Beaver Creek Lodge, CO, which her entrepreneurial father had built while her family lived in Westchester, NY. To supplement her formal education, Jenny received extensive hotel operating experience from the Diplomat Hotel in Stockholm and the Marriott Hotel organization in Amsterdam.

Jenny spends the majority of her time working with the brand that embodies her lifestyle and philosophy as well as her private real estate developments. When not traveling the world, you’ll most likely spot Jenny in Central Park or at East Hampton’s Main Beach with her daughters Sienna,Tribeca and Trease and her rescue dogs. She splits her time between New York City, the Hamptons and Los Angeles California where she and her filmmaker husband lives.

Jonathan Baker
Filmmaker / Hotelier

The Maidstone Hotel is co-owned by Jonathan Baker: a writer, movie producer, director and adventurer. Studying film in his native New York City and at USC in his undergraduate years he began his entertainment industry career as a writer, film director and producer of film and TV.

Jonathan Baker directed and produced his latest feature film Inconceivable, staring Nicholas Cage, Faye Dunaway and Gina Gershon. A documentary Becoming Iconic, will also be released in December 2018. In production for 2020 is FATE shooting on Long Island at the famous Oheka Castle.

Jonathan Baker is also a successful entrepreneur who grew start-up venture, SkinSpa, into the leading full-service  spa in the U.S. before selling the brand in 2012. While focusing on Baker Entertainment Group and his evolving work as a film director, he remains active in the personal care field and has currently developed his signature brand, Jonathan Baker EST 1962, which is his line of pure aromatherapy products. The Maidstone Hotel offers the products as part of their amenities program. 


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