Sleep is extremely important, but it’s hard to get enough of it. We’ve got to admit that the design of our 19 rooms is pretty exciting. So we’ve equipped them with thoughtful amenities that include:


• Handcrafted luxury Hästens Swedish beds
• Selection of luxury pillows
• Luxurious Frette bed linens
• Each room comes with a much-coveted beach parking permit
• Beach bags, towels umbrellas and beach chairs
• Free Wi-Fi
• Bed and desk side USB charging hubs

• Wood burning fireplaces
• Tivoli Bluetooth radios and speakers
• Fully stocked mini bars
• Curated art work in each room
• Jonathan Baker luxury bath and beauty products
• Bath tubs in most rooms




BED: King  |  MAX OCCUPANCY: 2  |  SQ. FT.: 340|  PETS ALLOWED: Yes

A true botanist’s dream: freestanding cottage with sitting areas surrounded by plants both indoors and out. It even has a hidden private garden. Features a sitting area with sofa and wood burning fireplace, a private bluestone patio out back and private parking out front.

Carl von Linné was born in Sweden in 1707. He is famous for laying the foundations for the modern biological naming scheme of bionomial nomenclature. He is also reffered to as the fater of Taxonomy and modern ecology. Carl was appointed physician to the Swedish royal family though teaching and plant studies remained the focus of his life. Charles Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus, translated many of Carl’s published works into English.


BED: King + Sofa Bed  |  MAX OCCUPANCY: 2+2|  SQ. FT.: 600 |  PETS ALLOWED: No

A generous 2-story cottage, country-gent style with a wood-burning fireplace and private patio. There's a big living room downstairs with a pull-out sofa and views on a private bluestone patio. Includes private parking and gets really big when connected with the neighboring Kurbits Cottage.

The Father of Dynamite - A scientist, entrepreneur and part-time poet, Alfred Nobel obtained the first patent on nitroglycerin (blasting oil) as an industrial explosive. He also developed and patented a detonator (blasting cap) for triggering the explosion of nitroglycerin in 1867. Influenced by the activism of the love of his life, Nobel decided to fund a prize for persons or organizations who promoted peace in his will. First awarded in 1901, the Nobel Prize honors men and women from all corners of the globe for outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and for work in peace.


BED: King  |  MAX OCCUPANCY: 2+2  |  SQ. FT.: 550|  PETS ALLOWED: Yes

A traditional Swedish cottage with a dining table for eight, wet bar and private patio. Features Swedish furniture, separate bedroom, a living room with pull-out sofa and private parking. Gets really big when connected to the neighboring Alfred Nobel Cottage.

Kurbits, a.k.a. Allmoge, is a historic and decorative Scandic folk art, mainly practiced in the Swedish province of Dalarna between 1780 and 1870, the late Baroque & Rococo periods. The word Kurbits origins from the Latin word cucurbita (pumpkin), referring to the colorful, fantastic plants with oversized flowers and leaves. The typical Kurbits looks like a vase exploding in flowers and petals – very charming and vibrant.

The Kurbits Cottage is ADA compliant, with a stylish marble clad ADA compliant bathroom, roll-in shower with grab bars and a built in seat. The room has one ramp from the private parking connected to the room, and one ramp with access directly to the hotel garden.

To get to the restaurant from the Kurbits Cottage you can either use the garden ramp, cross the grass and stepping stones to reach the entrance to the hotel and restaurant. Or you can go around the outside of the hotel on hard surfaces.

There is a ramp in the garden that will give you access to the restaurant, the bar, the reception and an ADA compliant unisex bathroom. The ramp is accessible from the main hard surfaced parking area.

There is direct, same level, access from the main parking area to the garden. The garden has stepping stones and grass surfaces.

The sun room can only be accessed via either three steps from the bar area or via one big step from the garden.

We have staff on site 24/7 that can assist with accessing different areas.

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