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We are lovers of clever design and arresting fine art photography, but our favorite art is the art of appreciation. When planning the amenities of The Maidstone, we've done our very best to anticipate your wants and needs, from free vintage bikes to beach parking permits. To learn more about our art collection click here.




• Two Tesla car charging stations

• 24-hour reception desk and concierge (May-August)

• Kronan bikes, a civilian version of those used by the Swedish army

• All day access to our private garden furnished with classic Swedish lawn furniture. Croquet, boules & and ping pong table in the garden

• Concierge service - if you have a need that for whatever reason we cannot meet, we will make it our mission to find someone who can

• Spa services specialists, dog walkers, pet groomers & babysitters

•Naturally we offer laundry service




We love kids and we embrace the mix of generations. Kids are just as much entitled to fabulous hotel stays as grown ups and well-behaved kids are always welcome! Look for proper kids menu servicing proper food in smaller portions, small furniture in our lounges and by games and childrens books in our libraries. Kids beds and cribs are also available in our rooms.


We love dogs! And not just because they are fun, fluffy and full of love. Well-behaved and well-groomed dogs (and cats) are always welcome - Dogs are welcome in the Cozy Lounge as well as in a selection of hotel rooms. Hotel stays are very much a treat for us humans, and should be for our best friends too. That's why dogs get their own amenities, they can consult our concierge for insider tips on the coolest dog outings in the area, they get to book treatments and our celebrated chefs have created a special Woof Menu tailored to dogs of any size and dietary preference. Dogs pay 50 USD to stay the night. Please add your dog's name to your reservation so we can make sure you get a room fit for a dog.


Jonathan Baker created a magical aromatherapy product as a gift for the soul.  His clientele reads like a Who’s Who of Hollywood: from Christina Aguilera to John Travolta to Will Smith. They all raved about its effects, taking each person on a deep sensual journey for men and women. 

As a young filmmaker, Baker saw an experiential connection between film and beauty. This product was born out of his creativity. Clinically tested to produce natural pheromones in both men and women, the est.1962 fragrance is the ultimate scent of luxury, wellness, and sensuality.

For Both Men and Women
"Two decades ago, a curious phenomenon was born: a scent that inspired countless love affairs.  A unique blend of organic essential oils, powerful plant extracts, that drove unbridled passion in all it touched.  Today that very same blend is here, right at your fingertips. Introducing est-1962. " - Jonathan Baker

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