Feature Rooms


Sleep is extremely important, but it’s hard to get enough of it. We’ve got to admit that the design of our 19 rooms is pretty exciting. So we’ve equipped them with thoughtful amenities that include:


• Handcrafted luxury Hästens Swedish beds
• Selection of luxury pillows
• Luxurious Frette bed linens
• Each room comes with a much-coveted beach parking permit
• Beach bags, towels umbrellas and beach chairs
• Free Wi-Fi
• Bed and desk side USB charging hubs

• Tivoli Bluetooth radios and speakers
• Fully stocked mini bars
• Curated art work in each room
• Jonathan Baker luxury bath and beauty products
• Bath tubs in most rooms




LOCATION: 3rd Floor | BED: Twin or King | MAX OCCUPANCY: 2 | SQ. FT.: 270 | PETS ALLOWED: No

Pure Danish originality: Arne Jacobsen furniture in an airy room in blue tones, with large storage space and two sofa chairs. Arne Jacobsen will always be remembered for his enormous contribution to architectural functionalism. He pioneered the modernist movement in which architects began to design both the interiors and the actual day-to-day contents of their buildings, from silverware to chair design to the wall sconces. 


LOCATION: 2nd Floor | BED: King | MAX OCCUPANCY: 2 | SQ. FT.: 230 | PETS ALLOWED: Yes

A fantastically lugubrious room with high-backed porter chairs and a bay window.

“Illness, insanity and death were the black angels that kept watch over my cradle, accompanied me all my life.” Edward Munch had a major influence on the development of Expressionism in the early 20th century. His painting ‘The Scream’ (1893) is regarded as an icon of existential anguish.


LOCATION: 2nd Floor | BED: King | MAX OCCUPANCY: 2 | SQ. FT.: 220 | PETS ALLOWED: No

Clean-cut Finnish design, with straight lines, Aalto accessories, wooden bathroom fittings and furry lounge chairs. 

The couple co-Founded the Finnish Design company Artek which is still today one of the most influential Scandinvian design companies with many of the couples' designs still in production. The Aalto Vase they designed for Iittala is still a best-seller that can be found in most Scandinavian homes.


Category: Feature Deluxe  |  LOCATION: Ground Floor | BED: King | MAX OCCUPANCY: 2 | SQ. FT.: 315 | PETS ALLOWED: Yes

A comforting bounty of color, with an original Josef Frank banana sofa by the bay window and a dressing room. The snazzy marble bathroom features a free-standing claw foot tub along with a separate rainfall shower. Attention light sleepers, this room is exposed to the sound of happy people in the garden and the Cozy Lounge.

Dismissing the demands for a unified modern style, Austiran born Frank insisted that it was pluralism, not uniformity, that most characterized life in the new machine age. He and his Swedish wife, Anna, settled in Stockholm where his work came to define Swedish (and Scandinavian) modern design. For more than thirty years he was the chief designer for the Stockholm furnishings firm ‘Svenskt Tenn’, producing colorful, cozy, and eclectic designs that provided a refreshing alternative to the architectural mainstream of the day and presaged the coming revolt against modernism in the 1960s.


Category: Feature Deluxe  |  LOCATION: 2nd Floor | BED: King | MAX OCCUPANCY: 2 | SQ. FT.: 250 | PETS ALLOWED: No

A big, bright room with an adventurous touch, including a free-standing tub vis-à-vis the king bed. The Norwegian adventurer and scientist Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki expedition encouraged the design of this room. Attention light sleepers, this room is exposed to the sound of happy diners in The Restaurant.

Heyerdahl became notable for his Kon-Tiki expedition, in which he sailed 4,300 miles by raft from South America to the southern Pacific to prove a scientific point. Whilst studying the indigenous people, he heard the Incan tale of Con-Tici and hypothesized that the first settlers of Polynesia were of South American origin, not Asian. The adventure caught the world’s imagination, and Heyerdahl found himself a cause célèbre.

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